Our goal was to find a way to share the vibrant nature of Melbourne with the rest of the world, so we bottled it!  


There’s some very good + very organic ingredients in these bottles, but all you need to be concerned with is the taste- fresh & fun just like Melbourne!

Our Soda Range



Remember when you were a kid and you went to your local

lolly shop to get Cola flavoured gummie bears?
We always 
wanted to bottle that flavour and with our Organic Cola our dream has come true.


Live your life in the ‘spice’ lane If you like your Ginger Soda with a little kick - you’re going to love ours. Tastes great on its own or works well as a mixer.


We’ve taken it back to the old skool with this lemony mix

with just the right amount of sweetness! This fresh taste

will take you way back to when iPhones didn’t exist and

kids sold freshly squeezed cups of lemony sunshine by

the roadside.


No need to fuss around mixing this and that, we’ve done the hard work for you. Grab a glass, fill with ice and pour in our bubbly bottle of bitterly sweet perfection.


Hydration has been proven to increase concentration levels, so you might as well stay hydrated with water that comes from the springs in Victorias ever so famous Hepburn region, available in 330ml & 750ml bottles.


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